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Osprey effects

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My Panoramio Pics slideshow of Around Linwood, NJ

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One Wish For The World by Kevin Lajiness

One Wish For The World

by Kevin Lajiness

One Wish For The World

Song Lyrics

If I had one wish for the world it would it be 
To see to what I see I see the world in color 
Beautiful and awesome the sky and the butterfly 
If I had one wish for the world it would be to feel what if feel 
I feel the earth below me I feel life all around me 
If I had one wish for the world it would be to hear what I hear 
All the sounds of silence the world alive around me 
But how you can see the world in color if you haven’t 
Seen a mountainside if you haven’t seen the stars in the sky 
If you haven’t seen crystal clear water and how you can feel 
The earth is alive if you don’t take the time to smell the flowers 
If you close your eyes at sunrise it you never felt the flow 
Of the tied or the starfish under water but you need to get away 
From all the chatter and be one with Mother Nature 
That what really matters then you can listen to the sound 
That you know what she saying the natural order of life 
And the laws that we should be obeying if I had one wish 
For the world it would it be to see to what I see 
I see the world in color Beautiful and awesome 
The sky and the butterfly if I had one wish for the world 
It would be to feel what if feel I feel the earth below me

Let my People Go by Kevin Lajiness

Song Lyrics

Let my people go let my people go let my people go 
You have enslaved them you work from dawn to dust 
And you never get ahead let my people go used to be you 
Could do better than your father it just aint so it just aint so 
There’s a bounty on your head called a mortgage 
Now I’m telling you the river will turn red 
I’ll bring famine and pestilence the locus will be feed 
And if that don’t work your first born will die cause 

you’re killing them too 
Let my people go let my people go your killing them 
You’re killing them by taxing them to death and you’ll 
Bury them in bureaucracy when does the story end

Hawks Sunning from across Patcong

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Dusty Roads by Kevin Lajiness

Dusty Roads

by Kevin Lajiness

Song Artwork

Dusty Roads

Song Lyrics

Oh Dusty gravel roads in the creases of my mind Wasted
 places with no faces, Platitudes of time 
Only traces of my memories not so divine 
Yet I sit here on this dusty gravel road 
Holding on to whatever in my conscious mind 
What a tragedy it would be for me to loose those memories 
If I can’t travel the miles to be with the ones I love 
There in my memory they will be with me 
Oh please stay with me my conscious mind 
So I can surround myself with your sensations 
Perceptions, memories and fantasies

Dancing On The Milky-Way by Kevin Lajines

Dancing On The Milky-Way

by Kevin Lajiness

Dancing On The Milky-WaySong Lyrics

Come dancing with me on the Milky Way 
Will go dancing on the Milky Way 
With rockets all around us 
It’s in the romancing the stone that is the romancing 
In the wander is the lust 
But I will still open my heart to your advancing 
Because theirs lighting in my veins 
And will go dancing will go dancing on the Milky Way 
With rockets bursting in the sky will go dancing 
And the storm is all around me and I cry out like thunder 
And there’s lightning in my veins and I am waiting here for you 
Come with me will go dancing on the Milky Way 
With lightning in the sky will go dancing on the Milky Way 
With rockets in the sky with an eagle eye I hunt you 
Perched on top a mountain I can see the valley 
And the angels fly about me come with me 
Will go dancing will go dancing 
Come with me will go dancing on the Milky Way 

With rockets in the sky 
Every emotion is exalted I will come out triumphantly 
For my destinies at my fingertips the man who does

 what’s in his heart 
Than that what’s in his heart is already done 
Come with me will go dancing in the Milky Way 
With lightning in the sky for in the searching 

I have already found you 
You have my attention and that is a covenant I can hold onto 
With you forever and will go dancing on the Milky Way 
Will go dancing on the Milky Way It’s in romancing the stone 
That is the romancing in the wander is the lust 
But I will still open my heart to your advancing 
Because theirs lighting in my veins And will go dancing 
on the Milky Way will go dancing on the Milky Way 
Because there is lightning in my veins

Lost in Pretensions by Kevin Lajiness

Lost in Pretensions

by Kevin Lajiness

Song Artwork

Lost in Pretensions

Song Lyrics

Lost in Pretension and foggy colored pictures of a time gone by 
Searching for the valor of a lifetime reaching for my heart strings 
If only I could pluck them to make my words come out right 
To set the stage for my exit, bring it all together before 
the sun sets on my life 
How close have I come with the people I know that had the power? 
To make the smallest of dreams come true. Is that selfish esteem 
that I’m after? 
Could it be I want what’s right for the just causes of my life? 
I hope that wanting can be balanced with the giving to the ones 
that I have the power to make 
the smallest dream come true

Kevin's Mixes

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Live on The edge of Miracles

I want to live on the edge of a miracle

I want to stand on a mountain within me

And touch the face of god

And feel his blood flow through me

Is it too much to ask to want

More than what is possible

Is it too much for the glass to be full?

Living on the edge of miracles

Open my eyes and see them

Let the spirit come in and comfort me

Let the peace of justice flow from within

Living on the edge of miracles

Hand to hand flowing from him

Absolutely powerful

Something to adore

Living on the edge of miracles

Hope of hope for every man

Close as you possibly can

And still be human

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This is Long over due for an Edit, but the main thing is I've been progressing with my music

my latest album "In The Minds Of Prophets"In The Minds Of Prophets 3/17/2015 and Hopefully "Dark Cloud" 4/1/2015. "Once Upon a Perfect Storm" 2014 . Out 3/10/14 "The King of the Fire" 

"I'm going to rewrite this soon to include some life events" Here's the dealeo, I started doing Wood Sculptures about 15 years ago to try and keep myself busy after I stopped drinking and smoking. About 5 years into it I got throat and neck Cancer. I say this because before I had the Cancer I had not written or sung Music. Looking to clean up an open space in late 2007 and 2008 ( i became closer to some of the local wild life, I bonded with a Hawk and a Baby duck and started to write songs, I forced myself to sing when I could, I have over three hundred songs now, some good, some not so good, but I am getting better at writing, singing, mixing and arranging.    

New:"Charleena"2013 "The River" 2013 and "Cried and Cried My life Story"2012 others "Reflections Destiny"2012 "Kevin'ns Epic Music"2012 "Fire Storm Of Emotion" 2012"Angel Secrets"2012 All 18 Available at my Store Lajiness

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          Nature inspires Linwood man to sing, record despite bout with throat cancer (PressOfAtlanticCity.Com)

 Album "Epic Shine"  "Walk Away" before that was"Angel Woman" along with some old remakes"Sing Back In time2011" and "Its The Spirit In The Dance" along with over one hundred of my songs and other Albums available for Sale all streaming at 
  I write from a position of emotion and honesty, usually tell a story about love, life, relationships, nature, adventure, history, spirituality,philosophy etc. My Art and Music style is Naive, I beat mix looped instruments as accompaniments but the melodies don't necessarily match, but I put a great deal of thought into them and try and bring something epic to bear in mind, yet some of my songs are ballads and relaxing songs of love . 
   I have 5 song books/ songbooks online 4 of them avalable as google e-books my "The 2009"  and 2010 Song Book 2011 Song Book  and 
Kevin Lajiness 2012 Song Book Lajiness 2013-2014 Song Book (Google eBook)
 These books represent a ton of work , good bad or indifferent. I apologize ahead of time for typo's English and spelling, i suck at all of that, but it's about the music and lyrics and that's what really matter but I gave it my best.
 with some links to the songs , some I have taken down, (I am going to try and put them all back up for nostalgia and to show my progress from Throat and neck Cancer), but the lyrics are all there
  I have many slideshows/Videos of nature and Open Space pic's over the years that I put to my music on YouTube-kevinlajiness  and saved in Google + or Picasa.

  I grew up on Lake Erie Lagoons, my grandfather had a bate shop. Fishing and hunting was big on my fathers side no doubted stemmed from the fact that his ancestors were “Woods Runners” or “coureurs des bois”. As long as I can remember I’ve had a love for trees, nature and the environment, I attribute that, and the spiritual connection I have with mother earth, to the connection my ancestors had with the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Most if not all of them are child friendly. I started writing my early songs while working on a open space for a year, where I bonded with a hawk and a duck.

        Allot of what I draw from comes from life’s experience and what’s in my heart, what I believe is a responsibility to carry the messages of or ancestors on what is right, to come to a conclusion we are all part of something bigger than ourselves and that we pass that on to our children in story and song,but remember i am an artist I write story and rhyme, lesson and fable, I do not try to be politically correct.even though i don't use cuss words other that Hell and dam, I don't have a problem with artist that do,to each there own, I believe things evolve for a reason, hey it got someone out of the slums, by the way the baby duck that followed me home got to big and i gave her to a zoo keeper, she flew back to his house from the zoo and they raised her, she has since had her own baby's